Energy-economical optimisation of the MVA Spittelau

Thermische Abfallbehandlungsanlage Spittelau im Winter / Westansicht. Copyright: Wien Energie Fernwärme / Hubert Dimko

The WKU has received the order by Wien Fernwärme to carry out planning services for the rebuilding of the wastewater treatment plant (MVA) in Spittelau.  These planning services involve highly complex engineering. Vienna Fernwärme draws on the extensive know-how of the WKU and thus ideally makes use of the existing resources of the city of Vienna.

Wien Fernwärme operates a two-lined thermal waste treatment plant for household and domestic waste at the Spittelau District 45 in 1190 Vienna.

There are plans for the technical improvement and energy-economical optimisation of the plant in the coming years.

The existing furnace and boiler installations are to be completely dismantled. In addition, the existing turbine is to be exchanged with a new turbine.

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